See More of Your Screen

Do you ever want to see more of your screen when working in websites, getting rid of all the toolbars you have displayed? Or perhaps these helpful buttons have disappeared, and you can’t for the life of you figure out how to get them back.

There’s a keyboard shortcut that you can use to take you from your normal viewing to full-screen mode so that your toolbars are not showing. And you can use this same technique to get missing buttons to reappear. It’s the “F11” key!

Just switch between full-screen and regular view. How? Simply press the F11 key. This shortcut lets you toggle in and out of full-screen while on the Internet.

When you want the web page to take up your full desktop, just press F11. To get back to your normal view, hit F11 again to turn the full-screen mode off.

You can still toggle to other open programs on your computer by pressing the Alt key and then Tab. NOTE: This shortcut does not work in Safari.