Stop Feeling Guilty Webinar

Stop Feeling Guilty About Being Disorganized!
10 Tips that Mess You Up

Feel like you’ve tried everything and still can’t get organized?
Do you think you should own stock in your local office supply store as well as Microsoft, Apple and Verizon?
Have all the stacking trays that neatly hold files on your desk turned into dust collectors?

stop feeling guiltyYou’re not alone! Not only do we not teach people how to get organized, much of the advice out there actually messes us up even more. Stop feeling guilty about being disorganized! Discover what Professional Organizer Ann Michael Henry has observed during her 10 years of working with overloaded, overwhelmed, busy professionals. The stories that she could tell! When she asks how a popular tip or strategy is working for a client, the frustrated response is “it’s not”.

Join Ann Michael as she explores ten organizing tips that may be causing more harm than good. Along the way you will discover why some strategies fall short and why others simply won’t work for you. You know what? That’s okay! So, stop beating yourself up, stop feeling guilty and join us for this breakthrough session that promises to enlighten, entertain and encourage you to make the progress you need to make to get organized.

Complementary Webinar/Teleclass
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Is it time to stop beating yourself up about being disorganized? Seriously, that’s not doing you any good and it certainly isn’t solving the problem. It’s time to step back, take a look at what hasn’t worked and explore new ideas. Discover:

  • How to stop feeling so overwhelmed and overloaded all of the time.
  • How to find the time to do what you need to do!
  • That life doesn’t have to feel like it’s a struggle day in and day out.
  • That it’s okay to stop multitasking… it’s actually to your benefit!

Don’t wait any longer! Join us for this complementary webinar/tele-class. If you can’t be at your PC to participate in the webinar, you can listen in via telephone. If you are interested and the date and time are not convenient for you, register anyway! We will be recording this presentation and will send you a link after the fact so that you can listen or view at your convenience.