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Strong EAPStrong EAP and Mise En Place are pleased to offer a variety of learning opportunities. Whether for a team meeting, a departmental training session, or individual interests, these Workshops and Webinars are hands-on, participatory, and packed with tips, tools, and techniques that you can immediately apply to improve effectiveness on the job.

All Workshops and Webinars are offered at a discount to Strong EAP clients. Payment options include: invoice, credit card, or personal check. Details are provided along with the course descriptions noted below. Consider book marking this page as course offerings will be updated on a regular basis.

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GO stands for Getting Organized!

The GO System, a proven course that helps you become more focused, organized and productive, addresses seven major issue that help significantly improve workplace results:

  • Establishing strong foundational habits
  • Processing incoming items § Prioritizing
  • Using time rationally
  • Effectively managing projects
  • Understanding personality issues
  • Understanding psychological issues

The bottom line – you’ll get more done! In order to remain competitive, even highly successful companies constantly look for ways to get more done, in less time, with fewer people. With the GO System, you will be able to help your employees:

  • Ensure that time spent at work is quality, productive time
  • Decrease productivity-killing stress and anxiety
  • Improve their ability to follow up and follow through on assignments
  • Improve their ability to quickly recover from unexpected interruptions
  • Increase their contribution to the bottom-line results of your organization

Don’t allow your employees, customers and profits to get lost in the shuffle and confusion of a disorganized, unproductive work environment. Implement the GO System and build your success on a sound foundation of highly organized people. In addition to the high-impact ideas provided during the GO System session, each participant will receive a 64-page workbook that reinforces the main points of the classroom instruction. To schedule a GO System Workshop for your team or department (minimum of ten attendees), please contact Mise En Place.

Escape the Email Vortex

Tips, Tools and Techniques to Tame Your Outlook Inbox

Drowning in email? We can help.Tired of being overwhelmed by your Outlook email? Are you using your in-box as a “to-do list”, a contact manager, a calendar, and a filing cabinet? How many emails do you have in your in-box – 100…250…500…more than 1,000? Guess what? You aren’t alone! Join, Ann Michael Henry, Professional Organizer at Mise En Place, as she walks you through great tips and strategies for dealing with your email overload in Outlook so that you can enjoy the benefits of this great tool. Ann Michael will go live with her Outlook email so you can see the magic! Learn how to control your e-mail so it doesn’t control you!

During the Workshop, we’ll cover why you ended up with this mess to begin with and you will learn the proven secrets for managing your Outlook e-mail including:

  • How to customize Outlook so that it suits your style
  • How to “dump the junk” – tips to significantly reduce spam
  • How to easily organize emails that you receive and send
    • Rules rock!
    • Conversation clean-ups
  • How to find what you are looking for
  • How to use Outlook to automate your work
    • Using signatures, Quick Parts and
  • How to improve coordinating calendars
  • How to turn Outlook into the productivity tools it is designed to be
  • Tips to improve overall performance, processing and maintenance
  • and so much more!