Turn an E-Mail Message into a Calendar Item Quickly

Do you often receive e-mail messages that you need to create a calendar item for? For example, a colleague sends you a message about meeting on Tuesday at 11:30am. To turn that message instantly into an Outlook calendar item:

  • email to calendar itemIn the message view screen, highlight the e-mail (don’t open it).
  • Left-click and drag the message down to the left side of the screen where it says “Calendar.”
  • A calendar item will magically open with your e-mail contents in it. The subject line of the e-mail becomes the Appointment Subject and the text of the email is pulled into the body of the appointment (you can of course modify this if needed).
  • All you have to do is adjust the Date and Time of the appointment and any other notes you may need – and Save/Close it.

Well la! A new calendar item is created in a flash!