Tweak Your Process to Increase Productivity

exhausted-frustratedDo you ever wonder why it’s so difficult to finish certain tasks, and why it never seems to get easier, despite the many times you’ve struggled through the process?  At the end of it all, instead of having a sense of accomplishment, you’re left feeling drained and exhausted. It’s tough, isn’t it?

Recently, our daughter had a similar experience with seasonal allergies.  Over the past several years, they’ve gotten progressively worse, and as a result, she’s increased medication, added eye drops, and a nasal spray to her regime .  Up until last year – when the first frost hit – she’d always been okay, but lately, she’s been struggling through the winter months with scratchy and swollen eyes, sneezing, and always needing to clear her throat.  The poor thing was a trooper and she just carried on, coping with her situation like many of us do when we have a difficult task that we need to complete.

We made an appointment with an allergist to test her for airborne allergies – even though I’d had a nagging suspicion that she might be experiencing food allergies, too. About a week before the tests were scheduled, I followed my mother’s instinct and suggested to her that she stop all dairy, just for a few days.  Soon afterwards, her sneezing was greatly diminished, the hacking was about gone, her eyes were no longer scratchy, and she’d stopped using eye drops, altogether.  The color was back in her face, and she just felt better, in general!

What was so interesting to me was even though she did everything that she was told to do in order to see improvement, it was still a daily struggle for her – battling her allergies – and it left her exhausted.

Can you relate?

The next time you’re faced with an exhausting struggle, why don’t you try:

  • Stepping back, observing your behavior, and noting where the pain or struggle is coming from.
  • Challenging conventional wisdom and advice. (For example, you can’t manage your time, regardless of what the multimillion dollar time management industry keeps telling you, etc.)
  • Reconsidering options that you originally thought were unrelated to your struggle. (You may need to reconsider several before hitting on the right one/right combination of options.)
  • Being open to change and more flexible; the solution may surprise you.
  • Enjoying the end of the struggle, or at least the experience of having it significantly reduced.

My daughter has since been tested for dairy allergies, and the results were negative – which has us even more curious – but she’s now investigating alternatives to dairy because the relief she experienced was remarkable. And like her mom, she is a foodie, so she is now turning this dairy issue into a culinary ADVENTURE!

celebrateYou can do the same with any task that you are struggling with today; the one that just seems so much harder to accomplish than it should be. I have no doubt that there is an EASIER way.

Make it an ADVENTURE to DISCOVER what THE WAY may be, and please SHARE your solution with us (use the form below).

The chances are very good that you’re not the only one who is struggling with that same issue.