Use Quotes to Narrow Down Your Internet Search

If you’ve ever done an Internet search and the results were so broad, with pages and pages of information to filter through, you know the pain of not getting the info you need… and wasting a lot of your time.

Well, there’s a trick that provides a smarter way to get the data you need. It’s simply to narrow your search with quotation marks. This technique will help you filter out all the unrelated stuff so that it makes it faster to find what you want.

Quotes in SearchWhen you use quotes, the search engines will look for information that matches exactly what you typed, instead of the words listed randomly (not together) in the document or website page.

For example, if you were to key in the phrase, Academy Award Winners 2013, the results will show anything that has these words – but not necessarily in this order. If you were to key in “Academy Award Winners 2013” (with quotes), at the top of your search results will be pages with EXACTLY that phrase in it.

PS. This tip not only works in Internet searches, but also when you’re looking for documents on your computer, or searching for a certain email.