View Multiple Internet Pages at Once

Have you ever been frustrated with the “tabbed” Internet browsers not allowing you to toggle from one open website page to another easily? You have to click back and forth instead of being able to view both at the same time.

If you view the Internet with any of the major tools (IE, Mozilla, Opera, etc…), each new site appears as a new tab – instead of a new window. However, you may want to see two different website pages at once, maybe side-by-side, like if you are comparing flight price information on competing sites. When you open another Internet tab you have to keep clicking back and forth — instead of being able to toggle easily.

Here’s how to move tabbed pages to individual windows:

  • Click and dragPut your cursor on the tab of the page you want to move.
  • Click your mouse and drag it down, away from the top bar.
  • Then you can minimize any other Internet sites to get them out of the way.
  • You can also resize the new windows and reposition them to see all the info you want