Visual Thesaurus

Do you need a little help sometimes in thinking of a better word to use in a report, a proposal or any kind of written document? You know, in those situations when you have a word that will do, but you want to convey something more colorful or descriptive. You need a word that provides a greater impact.

visual thesarusVisual Thesaurus is a clever and easy-to-use program that we use on an almost daily basis.

When you have a word for which you want to find a better one, simply type the term in a box, press the enter key and within one second you will have a whole slew of similar words at your finger tips.

How is this different then the Thesaurus you already have in MS Word? Your results are displayed like a web, using the key term in the center, and choices fanning out from there. You’ll also see the definitions along the right – sorted by whether it is a noun, verb, adjective or adverb. For visual people this tool is so dynamic!

If you want to try Visual Thesaurus, the company offers a 14 Day Free Trial. You can find it at This webtool offers affordable rates, starting at $19.95/year for individual subscriptions and several group pricing options.