Managing an inefficient workload can be exhausting, frustrating and draining…

…and can result in burnout that both intrudes on your personal life, hurts the company’s bottom line, and negatively effects your career. At Mise En Place, we work with overloaded, overwhelmed professionals to create systems and implement efficiencies for both digital and physical spaces.

Mise En Place is an organization and productivity consulting firm that works with clients to discover the right tools and strategies for managing time, e-mail, digital data, paper and workload.

We believe that inefficiencies become lost time, lost opportunities, and lost revenue. Our personalized approach helps organize, prioritize and balance workloads and environments to help organizations and individuals focus on key revenue-generating activities and effectively execute their goals and objectives. Our work results in increased time, increased opportunities and increased revenue for our clients.

get organized

Are you ready to increase organization and productivity?

What keeps you from working efficiently? Piles of Paper?Overloaded Inbox?Constant Interruptions?

From piles of paper, overloaded email in-boxes, constant interruptions, inability to prioritize, ineffective tools, and the misconception that multitasking is good – can have a significant impact on your bottom line. How much is a disorganized, cluttered work environment costing you?

We understand small businesses have unique challenges.

Have you ever said:

  • If only I had more time to get this done
  • There must be a better way
  • I need to hire someone to help, but can’t afford the time it takes to find the right person

Small business owners often get caught in a loop, working hard and longer hours. This leads to burnout and impacts both your professional and personal life.

The first step to getting the support you need takes only 90 minutes.