About Ann Michael Henry

Ann Michael Henry

Ann Michael Henry is the Founder and Professional Organizer for Mise En Place—an organization and productivity consulting firm that works with clients to discover the right tools and strategy for managing time, e-mail, digital data, paper and workload. As the daughter of a perfectionist, Ann Michael learned three things: There is no such thing as perfect, striving for perfection causes more pain than pleasure and what’s works for one person in all probability won’t work for another.

An information junkie by nature, Ann Michael has spent her entire professional career helping busy professionals get the information they need to get their job done. In her first career, Ann Michael was a sales representative in the online information industry, long before “internet” became a household word. She worked for The New York Times Information Service (NYTIS) and later for Mead Data Central (Lexis/Nexis). Her clients included Fortune 500 companies, major media organizations, and law firms. Her time as a branch sales manager found her responsible for overseeing the team selling to the financial market. This included investment banking, commercial banking and insurance companies from Philadelphia to Boston. The branch’s revenue increased from $3.9 million to nearly $19 million in four years. Ann Michael won multiple top sales rep and sale manager awards during her tenure.

What she observed during the dozen years in that industry was a common theme…the professionals who effectively managed information—whatever the source—are the ones who are the most productive and lead a balanced life. It was this observation that lead Ann Michael to found Mise En Place. Everyone needs information and everyone needs to be organized and productive to meet daily demands and customer expectations. It boils down to the ability to apply tips, tools, and proven techniques to an individual’s unique work-style. This is where the team at Mise En Place thrives.

Since founding Mise En Place in 2003, Ann Michael’s accomplishments include:

Founding Member of the Network for Productivity Excellence

A network of independent business owners and corporate executives dedicated to researching, developing and sharing practical ideas related to improving the focus, organization and productivity of employees in companies of all sizes.

Certified GO System Trainer since 2005

The GO System was developed as a result of years of research and training conducted by Chris Crouch on the topics of improving focus, organization and productivity. His original research included the traditional literature on personal organizing, human productivity and human behavior in general, but quickly moved to psychology, physiology, anatomy, sociology, philosophy, neurology, mythology, religion, quantum physics and other areas of knowledge typically not thought of as having to do with productivity skills. Many of the ideas for the GO System were found in these seemingly unrelated sources. Chris has spent years researching this material and developing the absolute best practices and ideas for improving workplace productivity.

Certified Productive Environment Specialist since 2004

The Productive Environment Institute trains and certifies productivity consultants to deliver Barbara Hemphill’s Productive Environment Solution™ to individuals, small business owners, and corporate clients. This program provides a methodology that measures success – you see the results and so does your bottom line.

Co-author of 3 Great Books:

  • Focus Organization Productivity: Ideas for Improving Success in the Workplace
  • Exploring Productivity: Ideas from Industry Professionals on Getting More Done in the Workplace
  • Insights on Productivity. Ideas from Industry Professionals on Getting More Done in the Workplace

Books on Productivity

Acquired Clearwater Productivity in 2010

This Boston based firm served clients throughout New England including Harvard Medical Center, Mass General, Dartmouth University and others.

National Association of Professional Organizers member since 2003

Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers since 2009

a prestigious NAPO member designation for professional organizers with 5 or more years of experience

System for Award Management  (SAM) since 2012

Mise En Place is eligible to participate in Federal procurement and awards processes

Launched Mise En Place for Life– 2012

Designed for the personal side of our life, this Mise En Place team helps restore calm to your home and life.

Faculty Member for Innovation Webinars since 2013

Ann Michael has also been invited as a guest speaker to participate in a variety of tele-summits, webinars, tele-classes, conference break-out sessions both nationally and internationally including:

  • Sarah Petty’s Joy Summit
  • Lillian Coury – Pegasus Pathways Executive Coach
  • Convey: The Business Knowledgebase
  • NAWBO: National Association of Women Business Owners – Philadelphia Chapter
  • SHRM: Society of Human Resource Managers – Rochester and Capital District Chapters
  • Victor Irving Jenkins
  • IAAP: International Association of Administrative Professionals – Flower City Chapter
  • NE/SAE: New England Society of Association Executives – Annual Conference
  • Women TIES
  • Xerox: The Women’s Alliance – Annual Conference
  • Innovation Webinars
  • Natasha Abudarham’s Inner Diamond Mastermind

Ann Michael believes that being organized and productive at work just makes sense. It’s better for the business and it’s better for the employees. Now what’s stopping you from dealing with your disorganization?