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“I don’t even know where to begin.”

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Tired of feeling stuck?


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Productivity Assessment for a Busy Professional

Take a quick assessment to see where you may need assistance.

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Productivity Assessment for a Small Business

Take a quick assessment to see where you may need assistance.

For many, this is the only session needed to get you on track.

Begin: $225


“I don’t even know where to begin.”

How many times have you thought that or said it out loud? It’s time to pause long enough to answer that question. Begin is your time to talk it out, get it all out, hash things over and come up with a clear picture of your next steps. During this 90-minute session we will guide you through a process to help identify:

  • What’s working
  • What’s not working, what’s causing discomfort
  • Money, revenue, profit
  • Existing strategies and tools in place now
  • Resources and support that you could use
  • Work/life balance

It’s a brain-dump session. We’ll get everything out, lift the fog so that you can see the whole picture — then together we can prioritize and organize so that you know what’s next, and next and next.


Tired of feeling stuck and just want to move forward? You need support to turn plans and ideas into action. That is what Forward is all about taking steps in the right direction

We will meet (virtually) 1 hour a week for 10 consecutive weeks to develop a customized solution that helps you move forward. We’ll tackle the priorities in the weekly meeting and adjust as needed. Our sessions will be customized, flexible, and agile – It’s not just talk, we’ll be making progress each time. And, the best part, you’ll get over that hump!

Forward: $2,500

Just to get you thinking, here are a couple of things we could work on:

  • Email overload
  • Juggling work and home
  • Fine-tuning systems
  • Workload management
  • Managing work expectations
  • Barriers to your business growth and success
  • Getting out of a slump or rut
  • Defining success in your business
  • Valuing your time
  • Working smarter, not harder
  • Paper piles
  • Improving computer skills
  • Prioritizing
  • Define, clarify and create processes
  • Digital data dumpsite clean-up
  • Learning to delegate
  • Shortcuts that improve your workflow and quality
  • Maintaining focus to get a job done


Yes, you know that your business can thrive, but it’s not there yet and you are frustrated. Or maybe it has taken off so fast you’re feeling overwhelmed with managing it. Not only do you need a sounding board and a plan, you need a partner for a month or 2 or 5 to get to where you want to be. Whether you’re a start-up, small business, or large organization, consider us your partner— your support team to get your systems, process and all of those annoying details that an organization must have in place to run seamlessly. The goal of Thrive is to increase your profits, plain and simple.

Thrive: Contact Us!

Here are some examples of what this custom program might look like for you:

Client A

A client had subscribed to a powerful SAS business intelligence tool for reporting and template generation. But training had gone forgotten by the wayside, leaving the client wondering if it was the wrong tool for their business. Working together, we helped determine it was exactly the right tool to help the client get organized and project professionalism

We helped the client use the system to streamline:

  • Branding: every quote, proposal, and document that the system generates is of professional quality and include the company logo, address and contact information on it.
  • Proposal templates: Supplies are selected, the client info is entered, a template is selected and it’s done – the proposal gets emails to the client.
  • Train field workers on the mobile app: Expanded training ensured wide and continued use. We even used the system to create the training documents.

For internal processes updated:

  • Time Sheets
  • Weekly Expense Reports
  • Employee Handbook*
  • Non-Compete Agreement*
  • Improve tech-shy owner’s comfort with technology

*     These were reviewed by the client’s attorney

Client B

A small non-profit embarking a major fund-raising campaign had no way to keep track of everything – the people, how much they donated, how frequently they donated, who in the organization was talking to whom (capturing that institutional knowledge). There weren’t enough spreadsheets in the world to keep it straight!

The client identified well over 150 data points that they wanted to keep track of. We found a cloud-based CRM tool that could be customized to meet their needs. Now they have the ability to, add meeting notes, track donations, donor communications, generate donor reports and most recently see the results of a newsletter campaign – all in one place, with easy access from a computer or a mobile device. And what’s the best part? The elimination of hand-typed meeting notes through the use of voice commands!

Client C

Two challenges plagued a university faculty member – paper (and more paper and more paper!) and using technology. Preparing for classes – keeping the lecture notes, handouts, assignments, links to reading materials, and grades had spiraled out of control primarily because of the amount of paper that was kept.  Our work together included:

  • Creating a filing – well, actually a “finding” system – for all of that paper, one that is searchable, just like doing a Google search where the results tell you what file the information is in. A lot of weeding happened along the way – personal info in one place, work info in another and oh yes, that second job in yet another place. All separate and easy to locate.
  • Then we created an electronic filing system that mirrored this!
  • Upgraded the technology—including the use of double monitors for a more efficient workflow—-all while creating backup systems that eliminate anxiety over lost work.
  • Increasing familiarity and comfort with new tools and improving technology skills.

What a Thrive partnership can mean for you:

  • Renewed focus and efficiency that improves your business, your stress level and your bottom line
  • Approximately 20 hours a week (that’s 80 hours for the month!) Imagine what we can accomplish together.
  • A team member who gets to know your organization
  • Weekly 1 hour “staff” meetings
  • Email and phone support

Escape the Email Vortex Course

Tips, Tools and Techniques for Managing MS365 Email on the Desktop App

Tired of being overwhelmed by your e-mail? Are you using your inbox as a “to-do list”, contact manager, calendar and filing cabinet? How many e-mails do you have in your inbox – 100…500…1,000…5,000 or more? If so, you aren’t alone! In this course, you will learn how to turn Outlook into the productivity machine it is designed to be.

Included is a power-packed 40-minute video along with a 20-page handout with all the instructions to take control of your email again!