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Multiple Paragraphs in One Cell

A quick tip for jazzing up your content in Excel – how to make a lot of information in a cell easier to read. Check out the video!

Jazz Up Word Documents with Capitalization

Just want to share some quick tips on how to use capitalization to jazz up your Word documents.

Number the Rows in a Word Table

Ever need to number rows in a Word Table? Check out this video for a quick and easy way to do just that!

Change the Default Folder for Downloads

After a recent webinar one attendee asked if I could share how to change the default folder for downloads. Watch this video to see how this can be done in Mozilla/Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Open Browser With Multiple Tabs In One Click

Chances are you open multiple browser tabs day in and day out. You start your day by opening the browser and then one by one adding the tabs you need. Wouldn’t it be nice to open your browser and have all those regularly used tabs open all at once? Check out this video to see

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