At Mise En Place, we fully accept that you can not manage time!

You can’t change it. You can’t speed it up or slow it down. Time management is utterly impossible.

So you can’t manage time, but what you CAN manage is your workload. Your ‘workload’ can be all of the “things”, the “stuff”, the “projects”, your deliverables – all that you need to get done (or think you need to get done).

You can control your workload by learning to manage it more effectively. Without a doubt, this is a new way of thinking. Changing the way you think about workload management (vs. time management) may be the hardest part.

There are two approaches to living a more productive life.

  1. Squeeze more productivity out of a day with little or no concern for the price you might pay in terms of excess stress, fatigue, & burnout.
  2. Choose to focus on sound ideas and strategies that offer a solid increase in productivity along with the potential to maintain a balanced life.

I’m sure you’ll agree the second option is best… Are you ready to get started?