Let’s walk through three quick and easy tips to reduce spam when using the Outlook desktop app.

1. Block Sender

When a spam email lands in your Inbox, you can easily block the email address so that future ones will not get through.

  • In the preview window, right-click on the email, choose Junk and then Block Sender.
  • That’s it!

block sender

2. Junk Email Options – Blocked Top-Level Domain List

  • In the Home tab, go to Junk and from the drop-down menu select Junk E-mail Options.

junk email options

  • Go to the International tab and click on the Blocked Top-Level Domain List button.
  • Every country has it’s own “.xxx” domain. You can select as many as you like – even all countries.
  • Click OK.

block email

3. Junk Email Options – Blocked Encoding List

  • Back in the International tab, you can also click the Blocked Encoding List. These contain emails with different languages.
  • Check all languages that you would like to block.
  • Click OK, then OK again to exit the window.

block emails

Between these 3 items, I have significantly reduced the amount of spam I received.